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The Retirement Wave Is Here: Are You Ready?

The federal government is about to undergo an enormous generational shift as Baby Boomers retire, but new research shows some employees are far more retirement ready than others.

Realizing DoD Enterprise Mobility

The Department of Defense's mobility strategy faces a pivotal period as it scales to the enterprise. View this infographic containing data from a survey of DoD managers and interviews with mobility experts to learn about the benefits of and challenges to defense mobility.

Making Telework Work

Over 1 million federal employees are now eligible to telework, but communication tools may be holding them back. View this infographic containing data from a survey of federal managers and interviews with mobility experts to learn about the benefits of and challenges to enterprise mobility.

Is IT Procurement in Your Agency as Competitive as You Think?

A November 2014 GBC survey found most federal managers believe their agency's IT procurement process is sufficiently competitive, but a closer look reveals that some procurement offices aren't always following the rules.

U.S. Foreign Policy Too Reliant on Military, Say National Security Officials

Despite a worsening international security environment, national security officials surveyed say U.S. foreign policy relies too heavily on the military.

The Competitive Landscape of Federal IT Procurement

Findings from a recent GBC survey indicate that misuse and abuse of federal acquisition regulations undermine the principle of vendor neutrality and the competitive landscape of federal IT procurement.

Applying Lessons Learned to Federal Cloud Computing

Recent survey findings show that several obstacles are impeding federal agencies' adoption of cloud technology. This issue brief will explore these issues and provide targeted best practice recommendations based on feedback from current federal employees.

Lessons Learned in Federal Cloud Adoption

It's been four years since Cloud First, yet federal cloud progress isn't as far as expected. GBC asked early adopters what they think about their agency's adoption efforts in the past, present, and future, and what other agencies can do to overcome obstacles along the way.

Multilateral or Unilateral Intervention? National Security Workers Have No Preference

Should the U.S. take a multilateral or unilateral approach to the use of force? National security professionals in government suggest it doesn't matter one way or the other.

How Can Federal Teleworkers Avoid Feeling “Left Behind?”

To present and discuss the findings from GBC’s latest research on telework, Verizon and GBC partnered for an event featuring a panel of experts from agencies with strong telework programs.