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Two Agencies Responsible for 85 Percent of Open Data Site

May 1, 2014arrow Federal agencies have posted nearly 70,000 datasets to the government's open data website in the last year, but some agencies are proving to be much more open than others.

What a Return to Sequestration Means for DoD, in 3 Graphs

April 23, 2014arrow The Department of Defense is determined to avoid the return of sequestration-level funding, or at least to let policymakers know exactly how much it will cost U.S. national security.

Securing Government Research: Staying Vigilant Against Cyber Theft and Heartbleeds

April 18, 2014arrow As the Internet scrambles to recover from vulnerabilities caused by Heartbleed, federal research agencies must also look to secure their data.

Open Data: To Infinity and Beyond

April 17, 2014arrow NASA is leading the way in initiatives to open government data for public use. But why are other agencies lagging behind?

Information Collection at Core of Continuing Contractor Accountability Issues

April 11, 2014arrow More than two years after a government watchdog reported tens of billions in contracting waste in Iraq and Afghanistan, federal agencies continue to struggle to account for contractor activity.

Federal Tech Execs Pessimistic About White House IT Priorities

April 10, 2014arrow Federal IT managers are uneasy about the Obama Administration's 2014 priorities. Did the saga have anything to do with it?

Defense Acquisition Reform: Is Something Different this Time?

April 3, 2014arrow Defense acquisition reform has recently become a hot topic again for the defense community. Though acquisition reform has been attempted again and again over the last 50 years, circumstances today suggest structural reform may actually be possible now.

Does Federal Employee Performance Matter? Two Graphs Suggest Not

March 21, 2014arrow Survey data from the 2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and a recent GBC study suggests agencies have a long way to go to meet high-level performance goals.

Accountable E-Government the Key to Tomorrow's Digital Society

March 19, 2014arrow How will current E-Government initiatives shape the relationship between government and citizens in 2025?

Map: 15 National Parks Most Affected by the October Shutdown

March 14, 2014arrow The October 2013 government shutdown cost local communities over $414 million in tourism and visitor spending, says the National Park Service.