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Leadership, Not Technology, is the Key to Government Innovation

May 13, 2014arrow Government innovation is the talk of the town, but what does it actually look like? The answer is less expensive and technology-intensive than many think.

Federal Workspaces Are Changing, the Question Is How?

May 13, 2014arrow Budget pressures, mandates to reduce space, and promises of productivity are urging agencies to reassess where--and how--people work.

How To Make the Most of Underused Space

May 13, 2014arrow How can agencies redesign space to increase headcount or reduce facilities costs?

A New Breed of Training for the Federal Workforce

May 12, 2014arrow How can agencies promote long-term learning throughout the changing demographics of the federal workforce?

How Can Agencies Better Conduct Workforce Planning?

May 12, 2014arrow 9 out of 10 federal managers say competency data would help with workforce planning, yet fewer than half are collecting it.

Data-Driven Government: So Close, Yet So Far Away

May 12, 2014arrow If agencies are to marry performance with data, they’ll have to invest in their people as well as technology.

A New Framework for a Troubled Civil Service

May 12, 2014arrow The civil service system for hiring and managing federal employees is quickly becoming obsolete. A new report presented at Excellence in Government 2014 explains why and offers a model for structural reform.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary’s 3 Reasons Self-Promotion Matters

May 12, 2014arrow In the effort to boost public sector morale, it’s all about celebrating successes.

Open Data at Core of New Governance Paradigm

May 12, 2014arrow Former U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra lays out his blueprint for a more open, innovative government. The key, he suggests, lies with each and every government employee.

58% of Feds Say Their Agency Isn't Formally Tracking Their Competencies

May 9, 2014arrow Survey respondents indicate that their agencies gather information on employee competencies informally or not at all