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The Path to Customer-Centric Service

Despite the Obama Administration's focus on getting federal customer service on par with the private sector, consumer surveys show agencies still lag behind. Read the GBC report to see how federal managers rate themselves.

Top Barriers to Federal Digitization are Budget and Security Concerns

Digital government is the future. What can federal agencies do to speed their progress to the finish line?

Has the Government Missed the Mark on Leveraging Diversity?

With an executive order pushing for more diversity and inclusion in the federal government, how successful have agencies actually been in leveraging diversity to meet their goals?

Federal Agencies Still Have Work to Do in Incorporating a Full Range of Digital Tools

Despite efforts to digitize the federal workplace, organizations are still lagging in their employment and diversification of digital tools and services.

Inside Federal Outsourcing

There's no need to tiptoe around outsourcing -- all federal agencies do it. The better question is, how can agencies do it in the most strategic way possible to meet their needs for cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and operational control?

Government Innovation Series

Creativity is important for organizations trying to stay agile as they solve problems new and old. So how are federal agencies encouraging their employees to devise new solutions? Check out our Innovation Series, where we’ll walk you through what we found.

Defending Industrial Control Systems in Depth

The proliferation of advanced cyber weapons among nation-states and cyber criminals has generated a steadily worsening threat environment for the United States and its critical infrastructure.

3 in 4 Government Employees Feel Misunderstood

A recent survey of 750 federal employees suggests agencies still struggle with diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Evolving Perceptions About Diversity and Inclusion

Despite recent diversity initiatives, federal government agencies still struggle with diversity and inclusion in the workforce according to new GBC study. The survey results indicate there may be opportunity to provide resources that better address diversity and inclusion challenges.

Survey respondents say their agency's leaders could be clearer with digital strategy.

Delivering on Digital Government

Since the release of the White House’s 2012 Digital Government Strategy, agencies have begun implementing digital tools and services. GBC's survey of 396 senior-level federal employees reveals the current state of these services and the challenges moving forward.