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Personnel Visibility Key to Making Smarter Defense Cuts

July 11, 2014arrow New reports revealing dramatic growth in size and cost of headquarters support at the military's combatant commands highlight the need for greater transparency into personnel management.

Why the Cyber Security Problem Is Actually a Big Data Problem

July 3, 2014arrow The demands of continuous monitoring are leading federal agencies to shift their big data capabilities toward boosting their cyber posture.

Survey Shows Agencies Not Ready for the Internet of Things

July 2, 2014arrow The "Internet of Things" promises greater capabilities for federal agencies, but also significant new security vulnerabilities. Data from a new GBC survey suggests federal employees' confidence in their cybersecurity is not matched by preparations.

Has Federal Mobility Been Derailed? Not So Fast

June 25, 2014arrow A new GBC study on mobile technology shows that feds want flexibility and that agencies are taking notice.

Feds Rank Human Error Alongside Malware as Top Mobile Security Threats

June 13, 2014arrow Recent high-profile security breaches should remind federal agencies that mobile security remains the weak link in the cyber chain. Addressing these threats means investments in new technologies as well as personnel training.

4 Telework Tips for Federal Managers

June 11, 2014arrow With nearly half of all federal government employees now eligible to telework, what can managers do to be most effective in leading their teams -- regardless of location?

Transition to New Internet Protocol Raises Security Concerns

June 4, 2014arrow Federal agencies are slowly making the switch to the new Internet Protocol, IPv6, which promises a near limitless supply of IP addresses and greater security. But beneath the surface, the transition process raises significant security concerns.

Positive Military Recruitment and Retention Numbers Mask Quality Concerns

May 23, 2014arrow The military's latest recruitment and retention numbers are positive, but there are serious qualitative retention concerns that bring the military's ability to adapt to a new security environment into question.

New Health Research Institute to Improve Patient Outcomes with Big Data

May 20, 2014arrow The federal government's newest health research institute, PCORI, is using big data to take a patient-centric approach to medical research.

The Keys to Effective Government? Collaboration and Employee Morale

May 14, 2014arrow Shared services and thoughtful centralization can help agencies be more efficient.