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Bigger and Better Things


Now that we've returned to our regularly-scheduled blogmistress, it's time for me to pack my bags and go. Sincere thanks to Alyssa for having me on, and thanks to all of you for playing along in the comments.

Before I depart, I have the honor of breaking a little bit of news (you heard it here first!): Pending the confirmation of Martha Johnson as GSA Administrator -- which is looking like a pretty safe bet -- the National Academy of Public Administration's own Danielle Germain will be leaving to take a position as the agency's Chief of Staff.

If I may, a point of personal privilege: I had the great good fortune to work with Danielle here at the National Academy for nearly a year, and she is a stellar choice for this position. Aside from a host of great personal and leadership qualities, Danielle's passion for collaboration (both the Interwebs kind and otherwise) will be a key asset in making sure that GSA -- which has been a real leader in government's social networking efforts -- maintains that position and continues to be a pacesetter across federal space. All of us here at the National Academy wish her luck and success in this exciting new challenge. (And for once, I get to cover a National Academy personnel change before Chris Dorobek!)

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