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Are Trump's Feuds With Tillerson and Corker a Prelude to War?

While it’s tempting to view the spats as just more palace intrigue, they reveal a president impatient with diplomacy and drawn toward military force.

U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles, from the 335th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, drop 2,000 pound Joint Direct Attack Munitions on a cave in eastern Afghanistan in 2009.

The U.S. Air War in Afghanistan Is Nearing Surge-Era Intensity

The latest figures from Air Force Central Command show that more bombs are being dropped than have been in nearly seven years.

Play of the Day: Trump and Tillerson Compare IQ Tests

The president jokingly suggested that the State Department chief and he could measure their intelligence quotients.

Marines conduct sling load operations using a Navy MH-53 in order to pick up barriers to strengthen the broken dam at Guajataca on Oct. 6.

Should Uncle Sam ‘Send in the Marines’ After Hurricanes?

The military can make a big difference right away but humanitarian deployments should generally be rare and brief.

A car destroyed by the fires near Napa, California.

Hundreds of Federal Personnel Aiding in Fighting California Wildfires

Despite fires in National Forests and across northern California, agencies say they have enough resources.

Breaking the Stranglehold of Calcified Federal Acquisition Policies

It’s past time for government to get in on the benefits of the online marketplace.

Your Boss’s Political Views Could Make Or Break Your Promotion

Gender equality at work may have a lot to do with a manger's political ideology, a study of U.S. law firms shows.

Border Patrol Managers Mishandled Whistleblower Calling Out Racism

Watchdog finds retaliation against employee who disclosed illegal searches of black drivers.

When Working From Home Doesn’t Work

IBM pioneered telecommuting. Now it wants people back in the office.

Completion of Border Wall Among Trump's Demands in Exchange for Extending DACA

The Trump administration provided a list of immigration reforms it wants fulfilled for a deal to protect young undocumented immigrants.