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HHS Chief Gets Behind One Cause Everyone Can Believe In

Burwell supports a Republican effort to speed discovery and dissemination of pioneering medical cures.

In April 2013, the Office of Personnel Management unveiled a memorial to civilian federal employees killed in the line of duty.

Agencies Can Now Honor Fallen Feds with American Flags

Next of kin of civilians killed in the line of duty on or after Dec. 20, 2011, can request a flag.

A Blogger Found Secret U.S. Justice Department Documents in an Austrian Trash Bin

A former U.S. ambassador is being investigated for laundering, according to papers found in a garbage container in Vienna.

Americans Work Longer Hours—and Stranger Hours

Americans are far more likely to work on weekends or in the dead of night.

Protesters attend an anti-deportation rally in Washington in August.

White House Swears Obama's Immigration Delay Is His Last One

Delay is intended to take the issue out of a "hyper-partisan, hyper-polarized" pre-election environment, spokesman says.

ISIL Is Now Threatening to Assassinate Twitter Employees

The social media site has been engaged in monitoring and closing down accounts of ISIL fighters.

Play of the Day: A Decade Of Stalling On Immigration Reform

If reform passed, what would everyone talk about?

U.S. Air Marshal Stabbed with Mysterious Needle at an Airport in Nigeria

The air marshal and his team were transported back the United States after Sunday's attack.

Why Government Takes Calculated Risks

We can't exactly ground all flights to prevent crashes, so how can federal managers avoid risk?

Germs Spread Unbelievably Fast in the Workplace

It can take as little as 2 hours for one stomach-flu sufferer to contaminate half of a single office.