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Health and Human Services Messed Up 800,000 Obamacare Tax Forms

Taxpayers received incorrect information about their subsidies.

Protestors rally in San Francisco in support of the California Teachers Association in 2011.

The End of Public-Employee Unions?

The Supreme Court has been asked to take a case that could deal a crippling blow to the labor movement.

Many Service Members' Feb. 27 Paychecks Will Be Smaller

A processing error at the Defense payroll agency affected retirement deductions related to Roth accounts.

New BBG chief executive Andrew Lack.

Broadcasting Board’s New CEO: 'I Didn't Come Here to Cut'

Andrew Lack tells troubled staff he is aiming for growth.

Play of the Day: Spot the Similarities in the Bushes

Jeb may be trying to differentiate himself from his brother, but it is not exactly working.

Dietary Panel: Eating Less Meat is Better for the Environment

New recommendations suggest Americans should cut back on meat if they care about the planet.

A fire hydrant sits cleared from surrounding snow in downtown Boston.

It Takes 8,700 Volunteers to Measure American Snowfall

Since 1890, the National Weather Service has relied on a network of volunteer observers.

Why Good Managers Sometimes Make Bad Crisis Leaders

Standard problem-solving is better left to day-to-day operations.

IRS Paid Identity Thieves $5.8 Billion in 2013, Blames Budget Cuts

Smaller budgets have prevented the agency from properly preventing identity thieves from collecting fraudulent tax returns.

The Coast Guard is the only agency that has moved to the new location so far.

Scaled-Back DHS Headquarters Plan Would Squeeze 3,000 More People Into the Same Space

Flexible workplace strategies would help accommodate 17,000 employees in an area originally planned for 14,000.