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Former DARPA director Regina Dugan.

Former DARPA Chief Broke Ethics Rules, Watchdog Finds

Regina Dugan, now with Google, recommended her own product at the Pentagon.

What Leaders Can Learn About Trust from Vladimir Putin

The Russian leader is a study in what-not-to-do kind of lessons.

How to Win a Furlough Appeal

Tens of thousands of employees challenged their loss of work (and income) during sequestration; a few were successful.

How Money Warps U.S. Foreign Policy

The key divide on America’s role in the world is no longer between Democrats and Republicans. It’s between elites and everyone else.

Police in Ferguson clad in SWAT gear watch protestors Wednesday.

The Pentagon Gave the Ferguson Police Department Military-Grade Weapons

In 2013, "$449,309,003.71 worth of property was transferred to law enforcement," the Defense Logistics Agency says.

Mt. Sinjar in 2006.

U.S. Deems Iraq Rescue Mission Unlikely As Thousands Escape Mt. Sinjar

An assessment team determined that thousands had already escaped the mountain.

A coal-fired power plant near Price, Utah.

One Company Is Really Psyched About EPA's Big Climate-Change Rule

Some businesses see opportunity in the regulation at the center of the White House climate-change agenda.

The Secret to Reducing Deadline Stress

Set expectations, but more importantly, communicate them to your staff.

Rosa Gumataotao Rios is the current United States Treasurer.

Why All of the U.S. Treasurers Since 1949 Have Been Women

For the last six decades, presidents have treated the treasurer position as a low-risk, high-visibility job that promotes the appearance of diversity while rewarding a loyal supporter.

If Patent Office Staff Lied About Hours Worked, Why Are They So Productive?

Union chief defends telework program, says managers’ claims of abuse are unfounded.