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Finally, a New Surgeon General?

One year, one month, and two days after his selection, the Senate could confirm Vivek Murthy to a post that has been vacant since July.

First Reflect, Then Project

The end of the year brings resolutions for the next year.

Virginia National Guard soldiers patrol in Norfolk, Va., during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

FEMA Ups Its Game in Sussing Out Phony Aid Claims

GAO reports Hurricane Sandy-related improper payments are down compared with those for Katrina.

Tom Coburn: The Senate-Stalling Republican No One Hates

Cruz and Coburn have both blocked bills and slowed adjournment. So why does one have so many enemies and the other so few?

Contractor CEO Pleads Guilty to 20-Year Fraud of USAID

Millions of dollars of overbilling found in Iraq, Afghanistan reconstruction.

Dick Cheney Tells NBC: 'I'd Do It Again in a Minute'

The former vice president denies that the CIA tortured and says Bush knew everything all along.

Democrats' Depressing New Reality in the Spending Deal

The divisions that were on full display during the debate over a $1 trillion spending bill may become the norm in 2015.

Keegan-Michael Key stars as an Al-Qaeda member in the sketch.

Video: Sketch Comedy Show Plays Off Stereotype of TSA Agents as 'Listless'

Key & Peele mock airport security in al Qaeda bit on their show.

Bringing Out the Best in the Executive Ranks

President Obama says the SES is key to making government smarter and faster.