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Technology and Government’s Distributed Future

Connected devices are changing the way we do business, but our thinking will need to catch up to our tools.

Women Senior Execs Dominate at HHS

Female SESers make up 53 percent of the top leadership corps at the department, and 34 percent governmentwide.

Post's "choice of words had the effect of attempting to prevent some [A-10 backers] from lawfully communicating with Congress," the IG found.

Air Force Removes General Who Accused Pilot Lobbyists of Treason

James Post apologizes for asserting that A-10 backers shouldn't speak out.

How the World Mourned Lincoln in 1865

The president's assassination 150 years ago sparked outpourings of grief across the globe.

Secretary of State John Kerry heads through the Capitol to a briefing with House members on Iran negotiations.

White House Mounts Massive Lobbying Campaign on Iran Deal

The administration is racing to prevent a veto-proof majority for a bill that would give Congress the power to block a nuclear deal.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton is the Mother of Dragons

The Nightly Show deftly compares the 2016 field to Game of Thrones.

What a Marco Rubio Presidency Would Mean for the Federal Workforce

The Florida Republican would likely not lead an administration favorable toward federal employees.

Joe Biden Calls Coal 'A Way Of Life'

The Vice President fondly recalls his childhood in a Pennsylvania mining community.

What Are You More Likely to Remember?

It’s too easy to just put your head down and your foot on the gas when there’s so much to do.

TSA Reinstates Fired Pregnant Worker

An agency internal review board overturned employee’s termination, finding it violated her due process rights.