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Strategic Planning: Are Agencies Set Up to Fail?

Missions are in jeopardy unless leaders look beyond the Results Act's five-year horizon.

What If We All Hugged It Out?

Just think about the opportunities every day to blow someone away with kindness.

House Hires Lawyer for Obama Lawsuit

Contract caps legal fees at $350,000.

Paul Ryan Says His Big Ideas Will Have to Wait

Ryan's far-reaching plans for overhauling entitlement programs and the tax code are likely going to stay in the development stage for another two years.

Obama follows through during a round Saturday.

Obama Called Nine Foreign Leaders While on Vacation

He also played the same number of rounds of golf.

Artist George Munger painted a scene of the Capitol after it was burned.

200 Years Ago Today Washington Was On Fire

Invading British soldiers torched most government buildings, including the Capitol, in August 1814.

First responders are among those invited to submit ideas.

Homeland Security Science Chief Wants to Know What You Think His Goals Should Be

Undersecretary Brothers launches collaborative online channel for feedback on long-term strategies.

Smithsonian's Panda Cub Celebrates First Birthday

America's cutest federal charge gets feted at the National Zoo.

Is This the Right Time for the White House to Promote Working from Home?

Allegations of feds abusing telework at Patent and Trademark Office put honest employees and managers in a tough spot.