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Presidential Speeches Were Once College-Level Rhetoric—Now They're for Sixth-Graders

Are the presidents dumbing down? Or are their speechwriters smartening up?

Laura Poitras

Snowden's Closest Confidant Reveals What It Was Like Spilling the NSA's Secrets

“We knew we were going to piss off the most powerful people in the world," Laura Poitras told National Journal.

Join a Gym or Get Your Hair Done, Sometimes on Uncle Sam’s Plastic

House Members seek improved enforcement of Government Charge Card Abuse Act.

Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, believes the agency would have had an Ebola vaccine by now if its research budget had not been cut.

Are NIH Budget Cuts Really to Blame for the Spread of Ebola?

Funding for the research agency has remained fairly steady over the last 10 years.

Are You Driving Yourself Insane?

The choice that saved a cab driver's life.

Competitor to Troubled Background Check Contractor Retains Hope on Bid Protest

GAO to decide by Oct. 20 whether USIS can keep Homeland Security field office work.

Defense Civilians Are Losing Faith in Senior Management

Employees view their immediate supervisors much more positively, latest survey shows.

Arlington House, which recently received a $12.35 million gift to restore its weakened structure.

A Double Dose of Luck for the Park Service

Two gifts help the agency maintain the onetime home of the Custis and Lee families overlooking Arlington Cemetery.

Why the White House Won't Admit Obama Is a Drag for Democrats

The president enjoys campaigning, but he's not welcome in many close races this year. He's in a similar predicament to President Bush in 2006, when Republicans lost control of Congress.

Play of the Day: The Cost of Midterm Madness

Both parties are adept at raising money.