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Soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade show Ukrainian marines and national guard troops how to clear a room during a training exercise Sept. 16.

Army’s Doctrine Chief: Expect the Unexpected

Gen. David Perkins leaves debate on Obama’s ISIS strategy to policymakers.

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta published a notice in the Federal Register.

OPM Reminds Same-Sex Surviving Spouses They Are Eligible for Benefits

Those married before a 2013 Supreme Court ruling have until June 26, 2015, to apply for pension and death benefits.

Treasury Department Designates 11 People as Terrorists

The designation makes it illegal to send financial or material support.

Precrastination: Worse Than Procrastination?

When just doing something wastes more time than not doing anything.

Obama: Stopping Ebola 'Must Be a Priority for the World'

The president, at a U.N. address Thursday, called on all countries to do more to fight the outbreak.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Eric Holder Will Resign as Attorney General

Holder is expected to leave office once a successor is confirmed.

Rep. Dan Benishek, R-Mich.

House Incumbent Campaigns As a 'Doctor' Rather Than 'Congressman'

Rep. Dan Benishek decides "doctor" sounds better given Congress' dismal approval ratings.

Play of the Day: The Absurd Art of the Congressional Attack Ad

Challengers to incumbent lawmakers are not above slinging mud.

OPM Needs a Mission—Not a Funeral

What we were saying 20 years ago about human resources management.

Army Lt. Gen. William Mayville Jr. speaks about operations in Syria.

U.S. Can't Confirm If Airstrikes Killed the Leader of Khorasan Group

Group said to have been plotting an "imminent" strike on American or European targets.