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Are You Ready For Pay For Performance?

It is essential for leaders to establish clear goals.

Feds in Work-Life Programs Perform Better at Their Jobs, Survey Says

Although most feds give flexibilities high marks, some managers struggle with evaluation of remote workers.

Unions Push Back on Trump Administration's Plans to Shrink Labor-Management Agency

Facility closures come amid proposed cuts to NLRB, end to internal labor forums.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., is one of two senators who requested a stay on Meyer's termination.

Intel Community Whistleblower Ombudsman Formally Fired

Senators ask Intelligence Director Coats to “stay” the action pending new IG's confirmation.

The CDC Wants You To Know That Trimming Cannabis Leaves May Cause Carpal Tunnel

The highly repetitive motion could conceivably give marijuana farmers a pinched nerve.

Colbert Heads to D.C. to Fill Out Trump's Government

In a comedy bit, the comedian asks Max Stier about the vacancies and interviews regular Washingtonians for top-level positions.

Violeta Chamorro President of Nicaragua meets with former President Bush in the Oval Office at the White House in 1992.

Washington Has Meddled in Elections Before

Decades ago, the CIA created a secret department dedicated to spreading anti-communist propaganda around the globe. A scholar explains how it is comparable to Russian meddling through social media.