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The Reichstag in Berlin

Newspaper: German Spies Got Access to NSA Internet Surveillance Tool

The country's domestic intelligence agency promised to work closely with U.S. colleagues to gain access to a controversial piece of NSA software that enables deep surveillance of the Internet.

U.S. Workplaces Boost the Confidence of Men… And Destroy the Ambitions of Women

Starting out, 43% of women aspire to reach top management. Two years in, only 16% do.

Remember When CIA's Twitter Account Faked Being Hacked?

Originally, there were going to be 12 separate tweets in Russian.

Energy Report: Solyndra Knowingly Ripped Off Government

The Energy Department’s internal watchdog says the failed solar company that took half a billion dollars in taxpayer money may have knowingly misled federal officials.

What Does It Take To Get Fired by a Federal Agency?

Years of lousy performance reviews isn't enough for one agency.

Agencies Are Putting Their Employees at Risk for Tax Fraud, Senators Say

And recent OPM hacks have amplified the potential for identity theft.

Trump Proves Again That He's Not Apologizing For Anything Soon

The Republican presidential candidate has rebuffed the head of Fox News and defended his latest controversial remarks.

How a No-Show Patent Examiner Got Paid $25,000 While Golfing

Watchdog says Patent Office needs to reduce risk in its telework program.

Why Federal Managers Fail to Fire Their Low Performers

The problem is not so much the system, but how it is applied.