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Homeland Security job applicants surprised by continued hiring freeze

Job seekers want more information, and labor union leaders say this is no time to stop hiring.

House chair says DHS should lead intelligence analysis

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Christopher Cox, R-Calif., says housing such efforts within the CIA is only an "interim step."

House panel receives 'first responder' extension

Judiciary Committee gets a week's extension to take its shot at revamping the federal process for issuing grants to first responders.

Report challenges Commerce program aimed at small manufacturers

Department is urged to use the creation of a new federal manufacturing czar to realign assistance programs.

Congress, agencies set aside agendas to honor Reagan

House and Senate shut down for the week as preparations begin for state funeral Friday.

Budget deficit up $56 billion over last year

Deficit totaled $347 billion for first eight months of fiscal 2004, Congressional Budget Office reported.

Panel OKs OMB review of federal programs every five years

House committee rejects Democrat-sponsored move to have agencies review themselves.

GOP leaders to senators: Vote for budget bill or lose pork

Moderates threatened with loss of earmarked projects in their states.

Popular culture clashes with homeland security mission, panel chief says

House Homeland Security Committee chairman takes on filmmaker Michael Moore.