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Senate budget chief lobbies hard for spending plan

Budget resolution remains mired in conference committee over the issue of whether tax cuts, spending increases must be offset.

Energy Department moves to boost security at nuclear labs

Plan includes the possibility of federalizing security forces and creating a specialized unit to guard facilities.

Senate panel to give diploma mills the third degree

While investigating fake degree-granting institutions, GAO auditors obtained two diplomas under a Senate leader's name.

Database firm rejects TSA's pre-screening approach

ChoicePoint CEO Derek Smith says the airline passenger pre-screening system in development is too much like the controversial Terrorism Information Awareness data-mining project.

Veterans groups back health care system proposal

Veterans groups praise CARES plan, but local leaders express doubts. All sides want guarantee of uninterrupted health care.

DHS remains committed to contested passenger-screening program

Despite public outcry over recent data-sharing flaps, the government plans to issue a directive this summer requiring airlines to turn over passenger records.

Pork defenders praise earmarks

There's not as much pork-barrel spending as you'd think, they argue, and it serves an important function.

Hispanic employees not getting their due, says rights coalition

Advocacy groups on Monday called for stronger leadership to help federal agencies get up to speed on hiring and promoting Hispanics.

HHS chief unveils electronic medical records initiative

Federal officials challenged to move aggressively to help the health care system make the switch.

Senate Defense bill likely to follow Bush plan

The bottom line will be close to the $401.7 billion the Bush administration requested, senators say.