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OMB to evaluate e-gov initiatives

Programs will be judged on whether and how they are being used by their intended audiences.

Up or Down

Presidential appointees ought not be left twisting in the wind. They deserve a vote in the Senate.

Nuclear security drill nearly backfired, guards say

Guards at Tennessee nuclear weapons plant responded to a mock attack with live weapons, leading to what one called "mass confusion."

FAA plans air traffic controller hiring surge

Agency plans to hire more than 12,000 controllers in 10 years because employees brought on after 1981 strike are nearing retirement age at the same time.

Rule allows agency officials, not employees, to protest A-76 decisions

GAO proposal implements provision of Defense authorization law clarifying the appeals process.

State of Union address, budget submission slated for early February

Key events in the annual budget cycle will kick off two weeks after President Bush's second-term inauguration.

Procurement policy chief signed off on Treasury telecom contract agreement

In an unusual move, David Safavian, head of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, signed off on a Treasury-GSA deal to reexamine the contract after two years.