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Culture Check

It's like trying to describe the emperor's new clothes.

With Bush victory, new phase of reform effort seen

As Kerry concedes, the first “MBA president” gets another four years to build on an aggressive government reform agenda.

How FEMA delivered Florida for Bush

The emergency management agency came through, with Election Day a breath away.

Homeland Security division seeks to begin hiring after restructuring

In their new home at Customs and Border Protection bureau, officials at Air and Marine Operations division craft strategy to add staff.

Navy says new technology contract yields rewards

The top official at the Navy Marine Corps Intranet project praised a contract overhaul that will pay EDS more money for reaching lower thresholds.

Federal employee unions upset at their candidate’s loss

Groups vow to work with both sides and urge President Bush to rethink his management initiatives.

House GOP seeks quick lame duck session; Dems may object

Congress could postpone a final vote on intelligence reform measure until next year if an agreement is not reached quickly.