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House chair questions agencies on food inspection duplication

FDA official counters that few facilities are inspected by more than one agency.

Unions, airport screeners seek prohibition on private screening services

American Federation of Government Employees proposes legislation that would prevent the privatization of passenger and baggage screening at airports.

Army defends plans to centralize National Guard centers

Officials anticipate the centers will be larger and more technologically advanced than existing reserve and Guard installations.

Police chiefs say national security strategy ignores local officials

International Association of Chiefs of Police says current anti-terrorism approach fails to incorporate the perspective of state and local law enforcement officials.

House panel votes to boost spending for new Navy carrier

Budget increase contingent on earlier production date.

Special counsel report counters complaints from watchdog groups

Agency says numbers show cases were not dismissed after minimal review in order to clear backlog.

Quick and Dirty

There is a way to move beyond the stalemate over judicial nominations -- adopt the plan put forth by Sen. Arlen Specter.