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Minor Adjustments

Often, the best outcome is incremental improvement, not the kind of jump in management effectiveness that agencies need.

House passes intelligence overhaul bill

Overcoming opposition of key legislators, measure passes by a wide margin and heads to the Senate.

Agencies get financial reports out more quickly, but quality dips

Fewer agencies received clean audits for fiscal 2004; some say they needed more time.

The Dealmaker

Can anyone fill the shoes of retiring Sen. John Breaux?

Compromise clears way for intelligence overhaul vote

Following several phone calls involving President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, negotiators finally break impasse. House and Senate votes are likely Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cost of unmanned aerial vehicle program triples

The Defense Department has sought additional capabilities for the aircraft, resulting in the production of fewer units than originally planned.

House sends omnibus spending bill to Bush without IRS provision

Provision that would have given appropriators access to confidential IRS tax returns had delayed passage of fiscal 2005 catch-all spending measure.