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Spending panels cut programs, but some pet projects survive

House Appropriations Committee stays on pace with White House's proposed hit list of 99 discretionary programs.

Conservatives still waiting for response to concerns on postal overhaul

GOPers blast bill sponsored by Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va., saying it increases the budget deficit.

GAO says agencies unprepared for computer attacks

New hacking threats to government systems, including 'phishing,' spyware and spam, could wreak havoc on agencies.

Subpoena spurs Pentagon to release base-closing documents

Sen. Joseph Lieberman says Defense has been “at least partially responsive” to questions about BRAC.

Terrorist Screening Center plagued by deficiencies, audit finds

FBI says it is working to overcome watch list errors and omissions, management problems, poor database security controls and high turnover rates.

Funding delays hinder efficient contracting, panel told

Office of Management and Budget acquisition panel hears from agency managers about problems in the procurement process.

Senators ask Rumsfeld to allow military personnel to talk to base closing panel

The lawmakers asked Rumsfeld to assure them that members of the military would not be discharged, demoted or face any other penalties for providing information to the commission.