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More mid-career government jobs going to private sector workers

But the number of jobs open to outside applicants dwindled in 2003, study finds.

Air marshals under review following inspector general’s investigation

IG report uncovers glaring misconduct among the air guard corps and charges leadership with overlooking blatant infractions.

FDIC seeks personnel overhaul from Congress

The independent agency asks for more flexibile system, but a union leader says the plan would hurt workers.

GAO: FBI's antiterrorism focus not harming traditional work

As the bureau concentrates on terrorism, other agencies pick up the slack for drug-related, white-collar and violent crimes.

Reading the Tea Leaves

Depending on which numbers you find most persuasive, you can convince yourself that President Bush is virtually certain to be re-elected or will surely lose in November.

OPM retools management awards program

Changes are designed to align the President's Quality Awards to the Bush administration’s five management goals.

Offshore corporations could have edge in contracts

Report says contractors in tax havens pay less in federal taxes, giving them a potential advantage in bidding for federal contracts.

Navy intranet chief says officials are targeting key problems

Outgoing Navy Marine Corps Intranet chief Rear Adm. Charles Munns says network officials are isolating and addressing high-priority complaints.

EPA scout plane on lookout for toxic chemicals at GOP convention

Agency teams with Army on airborne detection system deployed for high-profile events.