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IRS employees win competitive sourcing study, cut jobs

Plan of in-house team relies heavily on intermittent workers.

Life-Cycle Variety

The popular new “life-cycle” funds have far lower administrative costs, but are missing some of the innovations of certain private plans.

D.C. train ban remains on hold while other cities efforts advance

Rail operator CSX and Transportation Department trying to have ban lifted.

DHS plans Web site to help identify transportation vulnerabilities

Free Web-based tool would allow transportation owners and operators to voluntarily assess system security and get feedback on improvements.

OMB finalizes charge card guidance

Updated rules for purchase and travel cards require agencies to perform background checks on new cardholders.

Pentagon defends environmental estimates for closing bases

Critics say cost of cleaning up shuttered military installations will cut deeply into estimated savings of closing bases.

OPM to solicit contracts for dental and vision coverage in September

Two congressmen press OPM director to include regional providers in solicitation.

Postal Service beefs up instruction on handling suspicious mail

Training will give employees exposure to more scenarios.

Adaptable State

Foreign Service employees stretch their skills for an evolving mission.

Senator mulls cutting Pentagon’s $474 million travel system

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., considers proposing an amendment that would require the Pentagon to use GSA’s eTravel program.