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White House floating compromise on postal overhaul bill

Plan could break stalemate with legislators.

SES system may pave way for performance-based pay

Shift to pay-for-performance in senior ranks spurs curiosity at lower levels, say panelists at Excellence in Government conference.

Senate votes to give military health care to Guard, Reserves

House lawmakers stripped similar language from its version of the bill.

House to consider postal bill next week

Responsibility for agency's military pensions still up in the air.

Illinois sues to block proposal to move jets

State officials strike first blow against BRAC recommendations.

Turf wars likely to erupt over DHS reorganization proposal

House and Senate committee chairmen have been fighting to retain jurisdiction ever since the debate over the department's creation in 2002.

House and Senate at odds over funding for e-government projects

House votes to allocate fewer dollars than requested by the White House, while Senate approves full request.

OMB to review guidelines for reporting improper payments

Current instructions may lead to underreporting, lawmaker says.

TSP hires chief investment officer

Board creates new position to oversee investment policies.

Veto threat raised against any attempts to delay BRAC

White House issues warning shot to opponents of base closures.