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Shuttle to try for Tuesday launch

Despite tests and repairs, uncertainly continues about why a fuel gauge isn’t working.

Eye of the Storm

Agencies can give volunteering employees excused absences, OPM says.

The Fine Print of Firing

HR offices have a lot to learn about appeal rights for employees who get the ax.

Senate subcommittee mandates small business participation in eTravel

Bill requires that a minimum of 23 percent of contracted dollars go to small travel agencies.

Threat interpretation may be biggest barrier to warding off attacks

Reorganizing intelligence agencies and beefing up their budgets not enough, critics say.

Three agencies reveal results of revamped hiring process

Private businesses donated expertise in recruitment and hiring.

DHS policy shop may reshape agency priorities

Assistant secretary nominee served with WMD panel and in NSA position.

Panel questions Air Force on changes in Guard, Reserves

Lawmakers questioned whether the Defense Department has the authority to alter the state-run units targeted in the latest BRAC round.

FAA and air traffic controllers begin talks on union contract

Administration seeks to curb controllers’ salaries.