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It’s a Big Country

The question is whether central or regional offices are the best way to run programs.

Negotiators set target for spending cuts

House, Senate lawmakers agree on a $40.5 billion target for reducing mandatory spending over five years.

Subcommittee votes to enhance intelligence info sharing

To attract intelligence officers, bill also would allow Homeland Security secretary to issue recruitment bonuses.

GSA raises per diem rate in 17 cities

Rates in some cities will increase after GSA declares current rates inadequate.

National security employees form whistleblowers coalition

Group of more than 50 former and current officials wants Congress to pass legislation empowering them to sue individual government managers.

Pentagon spearheads nationwide foreign language push

The Defense Department has called on the president to appoint a senior official to promote the learning of foreign languages across all sectors of society.

Base closing announcement may come early

Pentagon worries about leaks and Friday the 13th; Bush says closed bases could be used for oil refineries.

House panel chief questions GSA on contracts

Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., questions whether agency has the capacity to manage huge initiatives in the midst of a restructuring effort.