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Pilots crank up ‘shock and awe’ operations over Iraq

ABOARD THE USS CONSTELLATION —Marine Corps fighter pilot Capt. Guy Ravey’s voice went up a few octaves Thursday night on his cockpit radio when he saw a green blur with a white tail rise like a bottle rocket in front of his F-18 fighter.

Squadrons launch massive assault on Iraqi capital

ABOARD THE USS CONSTELLATION —Dozens of fighter planes catapulted off this aircraft carrier Friday night to play a leading role in the American military’s relentless aerial assault on Baghdad.

Tax relief

Lawmakers want to reduce civilian and military retirees’ tax bills.

Navy cruiser delivers first strikes in war on Iraq

ABOARD THE USS BUNKER HILL—More than a dozen cruise missiles raced off this cruiser in the northern Persian Gulf Thursday morning local time, delivering some of the opening punches in the war against Iraq.