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Group continues drive to increase teleworkers

Focusing exclusively on working away from the office, a new newsletter looks to foster support for teleworking.

OPM tech specialists fend off private sector competitors

In-house team of IT workers builds on successful competitive sourcing record.

Base-closing foes focus on Congress as panel prepares list

Lawmakers and an army of hired guns mount a final campaign to reverse the Pentagon's recommended closures.

Legal battle erupts over organizing airport screeners

National Labor Relations Board evaluates whether privately employed airport screeners have collective bargaining rights.

HHS formally recognizes e-records unit

Announcement reinforces coordinator's position and establishes four supporting offices.

Chambers split over money to digitize visitor records

Citizenship and Immigration Services has been plagued by technical problems in processing enormous amounts of data and paperwork.

TSP board agrees to research real estate investment fund option

Members say it will take more than a year for outside consultant to reach a conclusion.