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Obama Warns Ebola Outbreak Is 'Spiraling Out of Control'

The president said the disease could infect hundreds of thousands of people if it isn't stopped, but the chances of it hitting the U.S. remain "extremely low."

Senator Tries to Help Frustrated Military Drivers With #OopsWeLostYourCar

One senator is on a quest to help soldiers find their vehicles, which are being held up as they move overseas.

America's Top General Says Half of Iraqi Army Is Basically Useless

Martin Dempsey says that nearly half of the Iraqi army is too heavily populated with Shiite fighters to credibly confront ISIS.

Play of the Day: The Frustrations of Hillary Clinton

The former Secretary of State is not in Iowa for the steak.

Travel Tips for the Mindful Road Warrior

How to eat, sleep and be wary on business trips.

House Approves Bill To Make It Easier to Fire Senior Executives

The legislation would make government’s top career officials eligible for one- to 14-day suspensions without pay.

Bill to Avoid Shutdown on Track for Passage This Week

Measure would allow 1 percent pay raise for federal employees.

Syria Measure Likely to Pass, Despite Doubts in Both Parties

Congressional leaders are gathering votes as some members question Obama's strategy.

Gen. Martin Dempsey and Chuck Hagel testified Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

White House Blows Up General's Hypothetical ISIS Ground Force

Gen. Martin Dempsey suggested deploying ground troops to fight ISIS if airstrikes didn't work. The White House promptly slammed the door shut.

Reflections on 9/11 and Excellence in Government

Lives changed when the plane hit the Pentagon, and so did government.