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Did VA Officials Encourage Employees to Pay To Talk to Dead People?

Party at official's home allegedly featured a working medium – who also happened to be married to one of the bosses.

IRS chief John Koskinen says his agency used resources appropriately.

Republicans: IRS Chose to Pay Bonuses Rather than Improve Customer Service

Agency chief defends performance awards as “an appropriate thing, for a workforce under stress.”

Lawmakers Pitch Major Changes to Some Feds’ Retirement Perks

Certain employees would become exempt from tax penalty while others would receive annuity boost.

Diana Rubens said she took the Philadelphia job because she was interested in running a “large and complex office."

VA Senior Exec Hedges on Congressional Questions Over $300K Relocation Package

Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to move top official from Washington to Philadelphia in 2014.

It Took a Sex Scandal to Topple the DEA Chief. Why?

The latest scandal is just one in a series of many scandals for the federal drug cops.

20 Lessons Learned From Great Federal Managers

Be passionate about excellence, but go home on time.

Commentary: Pentagon Must Put Good People in Top Personnel Spot

Quality at the top will translate to the rest of the workforce.

The Best Person for Your Next Hire Might be an Autistic Person

Autistic workers, like any other, have their own unique capabilities.

Mitch McConnell Introduces Plan to Reauthorize Patriot Act For Five More Years

The move may thwart any attempt to reform the NSA’s mass-surveillance authorities.