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Per diem rates could continue to rise

Basing rates on market conditions will push rates up in October, industry officials say.

Base closure panel begins four-month deliberations

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is expected to announce his recommendations next week.

Pentagon’s base closure list will be hard to challenge

Legal changes make it harder for independent commission to add bases to the hit list.

With budget in place, appropriators move into the spotlight

Difficult task of writing discretionary spending bills for the next fiscal year starts this week.

Pentagon renews opposition to chief management officer

Defense officials say new proposed new position will only add another layer of bureaucracy.

Small business ‘speed dating’ leads to relationships, but few sales

SBA’s program hooks up small and large businesses to create networking opportunities.

First responders push Congress to act on broadcast frequency issue

Lawmakers are squabbling over legislation to free up airwaves for police and firefighters.

Homeland Security chief seeks better liability protection for companies

Program created in 2002 has been dogged by complaints that application process is too onerous.

Study: Northeast, Midwest hit hard by previous base closings

Report by organization studying issues affecting the two regions argues they should be spared deep BRAC cuts this time.