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Forward Observer: A New Arms Race

Europe's plan to resume selling arms to China already has generated the beginning of a backlash in Congress.

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' costs military nearly $200 million

Nearly 9,500 gay service members have been discharged from the military under the policy.

Bank loses federal workers’ charge card data

According to Bank of America officials, none of the lost data has been misused.

Acquisition panel considers ethics in contracting

Office of Government Ethics asks for procurement reform advisory committee for input on whether ethics rules should apply to contractors.

Social Security Administration dipping into politics, report says

Democrats accuse Bush administration of using agency to push its privatization agenda.

Outgoing Homeland Security official cautions against citizen border guards

In final speech, Homeland Security undersecretary Asa Hutchinson says Minuteman Project to monitor border activity is risky.

Comments on new Defense personnel system highlight fears

Defense Department Web site has received more than 600 comments on the proposed system on its Web site.