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Homeland Security nominee vows to meet with unions

Michael Chertoff acknowledges “controversy and concern” about recently announced overhaul of the department’s personnel system.

Bush issues call to slash spending, create TSP-like retirement system

In State of the Union message, president pledges to eliminate 150 poor-performing programs.

Fork in the Road

If the White House chooses the wrong path on Social Security and tax restructuring, the president's party risks losing its majorities in the House and Senate.

House leaders seek to add military 'quality of life' panel

GOP leaders aim to place such issues at the forefront of the domestic appropriations agenda, ahead of education, health research and other social programs.

Demand for security, law enforcement workers to increase

Workforce survey also shows agencies will need more employees in the fields of medicine, engineering, science and business.

Group calls for increase in Army and Marine troop levels

Project for the New American Century seeks boost of at least 25,000 troops each year over the next several years, says administration has "unfortunately resisted" increases.

Agencies struggle to reduce improper payments

Latest numbers show benefits programs dish out too much money.

NIH scientists barred from working for agency's grant-holders

New rules bar researchers from investments in or taking paid or unpaid jobs with groups that rely on NIH grants for funding.

D.C. Council restricts hazardous shipments through nation’s capital

CSX Corp. objects to measure, saying the private sector and federal agencies already are taking enough action.

Contracting giant wins huge FAA job competition

Lockheed Martin will take over 2,500 flight service jobs in biggest public-private competition ever.