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Lawmakers seek inquiry into Homeland Security aviation program

Reorganization sparks concern that program has grown too focused on border security.

Agency seeks e-mail system for FOIA requests

System will help TSA handle flood of requests.

FBI, Pentagon pay for access to trove of public records

Newly revealed documents show extent of work performed by Choicepoint, the largest and most sophisticated aggregator of public records on U.S. citizens and residents.

NIST works on standards for emergency personnel

Project aimed at creating standards language that could be understood by all official emergency response groups.

Open Season Time

Employees have about a month to opt into health insurance and flexible spending plans.

Accounting improvements underway at Pentagon

Officials cite progress but say four or more years are needed to resolve lingering financial issues

Reforms begin to ease security clearance backlog

Build-up of Top Secret clearances has been reduced 25 percent since February.

House advances spending bill with telework requirements

Language would require five agencies to increase numbers of teleworkers or face funding cuts.

OPM offers new flexible spending option

Enrollees in high-deductible health plans can set aside tax-free dollars for dental and vision care.