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Civil Rights Commission official proposes deep cuts

Proposal comes days after GAO report knocks panel’s financial management.

Pentagon faulted for shortage of critical war supplies

GAO says poor planning, lagging funding, ineffective distribution lead to delays.

Administration ends largest counterterrorism exercise ever

No glaring deficiencies found in national prevention and response capability, but final results will take months to process.

Senators call for study of response to anthrax false alarms

Lawmakers said recent events cast doubt on federal agencies’ ability to react to a biological attack.

Executives continue to earn high performance marks

In 2003, nearly 75 percent of SESers received top ratings and more than half received bonuses averaging $12,883.

Postal Service files case for rate hike

If Congress waives escrow requirement, rate hike request would be withdrawn.

Supplemental growing as Senate debate nears

Amendments providing food aid for developing nations could total $320 million.