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Three agencies honored with top management awards

President’s Quality Awards go to the Social Security Administration and departments of State and Labor.

Talks on Defense personnel system break down

Unions skip scheduled meeting with Pentagon oficials, saying they need more time to analyze new system’s details.

Bush orders agencies to name chief FOIA officers

Agencies must develop plans within six months to streamline process of releasing information to public.

Panel recommends Defense acquisition overhaul

Group suggests fewer cost-based competitions, a new funding mechanism and more communication with contractors.

Conferees keep Navy destroyer program at two shipyards

Navy has backed "winner-take-all" strategy that would force shipyards to compete for contract.

Final budget-cutting vote may be delayed until January

Acting majority leader did not commit Wednesday to bringing reconciliation bill up before Congress adjourns for the holidays.

Louisiana governor blames Katrina failures on levees

Lawmakers say they will be hard-pressed to grant more aid without seeing concrete spending plans.