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Life and Death Planning

Employees should get paperwork and information ready so survivors can claim their benefits when they die.

Congress weighs creating centralized unit for recovery operations

As lawmakers consider another $50 billion for Katrina recovery efforts, two senators want to create a new federal entity to manage the relief work.

Lawmakers hold off on endorsing EEOC reorganization

House subcommittee chief withholds opinion on changes until the results of a GAO study are in.

Homeland Security had power to bypass states in hurricane response

Although the National Response Plan gives DHS the ability to sidestep standard bureaucratic procedures in catastrophic situations, it isn’t clear if the department used that power.

Relief efforts spawn quick contracts

As satellite service providers vie for Hurricane Katrina contracts, they rely on relationships.

Employees hit by Hurricane Katrina won’t lose pay even if they lose work

Agencies also have option to give advanced payments for employees in need.

Survey: Civilian employees’ pay growth outpaces that of contractors

Report shows the average federal employee is earning a bigger salary increase in 2005 than the typical contractor.

Bush unveils steps to help victims with federal benefits

Every affected household will be granted $2,000 in emergency disaster relief.

Base closure list heads to Bush amid legal rulings

Flurry of lawsuits filed at state level prompt varying responses from courts.