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A federal holiday poem

Observing what has been a holiday tradition at since 1998, we present our annual ode to federal employees.

Disappearing Dividends

Thrift Savings Plan dividends are there contributing to your retirement savings -- you just can’t see them.

Senate clears Defense authorization measure

Bill containing a number of policy provisions, including language expanding military healthcare programs, awaits President Bush’s signature.

Hurricane response shows gaps in public-private coordination

After Katrina, corporate officials and federal employees relied on personal connections, fortunate coincidences to join forces.

'Consumer-directed' health plans attracting healthier feds

Opponents argue traditional plans’ costs will rise from migration of healthier enrollees.

Translation services contracts enjoy growth spurt

Intelligence needs and desire to reach out to more citizens fuel increase in demand.

Auditors doubt immigration agency will meet goal for eliminating backlog

Citizenship and Immigration Services has relied on temporary staff and overtime to cut mountain of applications.

Defense spending bill renews job competition restrictions

Annual appropriations measure again includes prohibition against private firms gaining cost advantage by offering reduced health benefits.

Bush approves 3.1 percent pay raise

President issues executive order allocating 2.1 percent for across-the-board increase and 1 percent for locality raises.