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IRS raises mileage rate to 48.5 cents a mile

GSA considers increasing reimbursement rate for federal employees as two members of Congress work on legislation that would mandate an even larger hike.

Agencies survey ruined facilities in the Gulf Coast

Veterans Affairs officials report 800 still-missing employees; many are nurses.

BRAC panel calls closure round premature

Commissioners say Pentagon closures should have been put off until Pentagon completed review of defense strategy.

No agency left behind in hurricane relief effort

Roles range from providing food and housing to briefing diplomats.

Army Corps officials too often acquiesced to Congress' wishes, critics claim

Too many projects slugged as "high priority" that should have been deemed lower priorities than levee protection.

Lawmakers may fight for FEMA's freedom

Merging FEMA with DHS shifted the agency's energies away from its focus on natural disasters to terrorism response.

Unions fight DHS’ attempt to move forward with personnel rules

They argue DHS officials failed to consult unions, Congress on latest plan.

Procurement provision in hurricane aid bill raises eyebrows

Administration officials and lawmakers working to ensure that emergency authorities are used properly.