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Lessons from Katrina begin to emerge

Failures of initial effort may serve as a catalyst for overhaul of emergency response apparatus.

Provision to lift VA competitive sourcing ban survives

Committee votes to keep the language in veterans health care bill.

Cuts to disaster mitigation program questioned in wake of hurricane response

Critics say Bush administration axed Clinton-era program because it worked.

Agencies run by career execs get better management grades

Study finds that operations run by political appointees score lower on Bush administration's Program Assessment Rating Tool.

Bill grants broader emergency procurement authorities

Measure would allow agencies to bypass competition requirements in any national emergency.

Travel Math

Rules for getting compensatory time off for travel are fussy and complex.

OMB to project savings of e-government projects in next budget

With an estimate showing consolidation projects have saved $5 billion, the oversight agency plans to publish savings of other technology ventures.