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Leadership Vacuum

The government is headed for a few years with no one person or political party in true control.

Forward Observer: Homeward Bound?

A withdrawal from Iraq would leave Bush with the challenge of securing adequate funding to back Iraqi forces.

Army poised to cut guard troops to protect core program

Cuts could affect 10,500 troops and save $154 in annual payroll costs, but are likely to generate significant political opposition.

Pentagon cleared to move senior execs to pay-for-performance

Move is key to departmentwide personnel overhaul, Defense official says.

House Republicans sidestep White House request for guest worker program

Immigration and border security measure likely to reach the House floor next week, minus language establishing the work program.

OPM offers details on tech worker exchange program

Exchange aimed at generating flow of expertise between the government and the private sector.

Group sees some gains in bioterror response, but gaps remain

Twenty experts in field give Bush administration an overall grade of D+.

Mileage reimbursement rate could drop by 4 cents

Federal workers could receive 44.5 cents per mile when they use personal vehicles for government business.

TSA workforce changes create rift with air marshals

New law enforcement status for passenger and baggage screeners leaves some air marshals feeling overlooked.

FBI will not award technology upgrade contract until 2006

Extra time needed to ensure project is a success, official says.