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Critics call for overhaul of program aimed at employing disabled

Advocates say Javits-Wagner-O'Day program saves taxpayers' money while providing jobs for people with severe disabilities.

Park Service could get homeland security dollars

The Park Service’s job of protecting the national parks has grown since Sept. 11, according to a lawmaker.

Black-tie affair honors government's distinguished executives

Recipients of highest award for civil servants recognized at State Department dinner.

Healthy Choices

The Office of Personnel Management will seek carriers for supplemental dental and vision benefits for federal workers and retirees.

Homeland authorization to move before organizational changes

House Homeland Security panel chairman says bill will be "light on organizational changes" in deference to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's ongoing review of operations.

Senate blocks plans to mothball aircraft carrier, cancel cargo plane

Amendments to emergency spending bill keep USS John F. Kennedy in service and stop proposed cancellation of C-130J program.

Watch list of technology projects called ineffective

IT projects that are considered at-risk are not aggregated by OMB.

NASA delays shuttle flight

Officials move date to allow more time to complete safety modifications.