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Energy prices deserve more attention than they typically receive for their influence on presidents’ approval ratings.

Lawmakers demand information on sale of U.S. port operations

Process that would allow a state-owned Dubai company to operate ports comes under scrutiny.

Survey: Employees with dependent care duties are better off teleworking

Freedom to work from home improves the job performance and morale of employees with such responsibilities, study finds.

International stocks gain in popularity among TSP investors

Trading costs for the fund rise as employees buy into an “up-market.”

Investigators close complaint about EPA communications project

Research office director hails IG’s findings, and calls attempt to discredit the effort “anti-science” and “anti-government.”

GSA reworks strategy for technology services contract

New approach to the $65 billion Alliant procurement promises more flexibility.

State Department unveils trial of electronic passports

Privacy advocates say that despite modifications, new documents remain vulnerable.

Senator changes position on reducing Navy's aircraft carrier fleet

Quadrennial Defense Review influences key senator’s newfound support for plans to cut aircraft carriers in favor of expanding overall fleet.