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Administration officials say port takeover underwent rigorous review

Deputy Defense secretary says more U.S. warships reside in the United Arab Emirates than anywhere in the world outside of the United States.

The Trust Factor

Employees who are kept out of the loop feel betrayed and become less productive.

GSA launches review of acquisition rules

Goals include streamlining internal regulations, eliminating duplication with governmentwide rules and reducing burden on small firms.

Focus on cybersecurity compliance called ineffective

Laws create piles of paperwork that tell little about actual state of security, says former chief information security officer at two Cabinet departments.

Intelligence CIO seeks product certification overhaul

Process for validating new technologies should be standardized across agencies, Dale Meyerrose says.

Imperial presidency has long history

Executive powers have expanded over the past six decades, and are likely to continue on that path.

White House hastens to brief lawmakers on ports deal

Press secretary says media coverage inflamed opposition to the plan.