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Court expedites appeal of ruling on DHS personnel system

Homeland Security Department's request to speed up case granted.

Chertoff touts risk management approach

Says new airline screening rules show DHS is not trying to "protect every single person against every risk at every moment at every place."

Senate to begin final push on legislation

Vice President Dick Cheney, is returning from Middle East to be on hand to break possible tie on crucial budget vote.

Research funds headed for small, but noticeable, cuts

Cuts will leave most agencies’ research coffers flat, but are not as deep as some in science community had feared.

Extra day off around Christmas doubtful, OPM says

Historically, the president only grants second day off to round out a four-day weekend.

Three major bills passed as House wraps up work

Members move Defense spending and authorization bills, and a $39.7 billion budget-cutting package, to the Senate.

Defense measure includes language on military benefits

House version of authorization bill would expand healthcare system for National Guard and reserve troops, raise enlistment bonuses