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Homeland Security unveils unified border control strategy

Initiative includes increased staffing, strengthened interior enforcement and greater investment in detection technology.

Report cites decline in condition of military equipment

Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are taking a high toll on equipment, GAO finds.

Deep Thinkers

A new philosophy helps people manage their agencies and their lives.

Lawmakers see Katrina czar as first step

Concerns that additional oversight is necessary to protect against waste, fraud and abuse linger.

Bush seeks funding for shipyards damaged by Katrina

Hurricane aid request includes $2 billion for ship repairs.

Intelligence execs urged to gain experience with multiple agencies

Such exposure likely will become a requirement for executive jobs, human capital chief says.

Lawmakers threaten subpoenas for Katrina-related documents

New e-mails shed light on ex-FEMA director Michael Brown’s actions after the hurricane hit--including a plea from his press secretary that he roll up his sleeves for the TV cameras.

Conference on Defense spending bill postponed

GOP leaders agree on one thing: they would like to avoid wrapping spending bills into an omnibus.