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Uncivil Discourse

The Internet is driving the tone of political discussions to new lows.

GSA launches upgraded FirstGov search engine

The “next-generation” technology is capable of looking through 40 million government-related documents, agency says.

Panelists say regional DHS offices would help disaster response

Participants in Heritage Foundation discussion differ on the role the private sector should play in a regional support system.

Funding shortfalls cited for setbacks in storm response drill

Key officials, including the FEMA director, the governor of Louisiana and the mayor of New Orleans, failed to participate in the training exercise, senator says.

Pentagon again delays new labor rules upon judge’s request

Defense Department will forge ahead with creation of National Security Labor Relations Board.

Report: Annual missile defense spending could double in seven years

Costs could reach $19 billion a year by 2013, the Congressional Budget Office says.

Agencies back environmentally friendly building principles

Agreement is aimed at boosting energy efficiency and indoor air quality at new and existing federal facilities.

Cyber crime is growing more professional, officials say

Agencies are working together more closely to fight the problem but more cooperation is needed, acting chief of DHS’ cybersecurity division says.

Attorney General addresses critics of warrantless wiretaps

Alberto Gonzales says 1978 foreign intelligence surveillance law not intended as last word.