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Senate budget adviser sees DHS funding increase

Senior staffer says it's the "only budget in town that is going to continue to see growth."

Mayors seek more federal support for disaster response

Local officials ask that the military no longer be viewed as a “resource of last resort.”

Union asks IRS to bring contracted work back in-house

Agency says it has no plans to exercise authority to weigh shifting certain projects from contractors back to federal employees.

Democrats introduce bill to force FAA contract arbitration

Air traffic controllers back bill in the midst of tense negotiations over pay.

Budget office predicts slight increase in deficit this fiscal year

Relative to the size of the economy, deficit expected to remain about the same as last year – not accounting for policies yet to be passed by Congress.

Work Auditions

Here’s an idea: New employees should excel to keep their jobs.

West Virginia lawmakers prepare mine safety bill

Measure could include language establishing a federal rapid response team to assist local rescue workers.