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National Guard, Corps of Engineers move into New Orleans

Soldiers bolster security and distribute supplies as engineers work to drain city.

Housing, loan agencies send representatives to hurricane relief centers

Agencies coordinating with FEMA to offer advice on rebuilding homes, finances.

Reaping REITs' Rewards

Beyond the political disagreement, how would a REIT option affect TSP portfolios?

OPM loosens restrictions on life, health insurance for Katrina victims

Health care from out-of-network providers will be covered.

Agencies urged to be flexible with employees who join relief efforts

Personnel flexibilities available to reward employees who pitch in during times of crisis.

GSA adjusts fiscal 2006 per diem rates

The new rates, which take affect Oct. 1, increase the per diem in most areas for meals and incidental expenses.

Bush endorses 2.1 percent pay raise

Congress likely to override decision by passing legislation mandating a 3.1 percent increase.