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Focus on cybersecurity compliance called ineffective

Laws create piles of paperwork that tell little about actual state of security, says former chief information security officer at two Cabinet departments.

Intelligence CIO seeks product certification overhaul

Process for validating new technologies should be standardized across agencies, Dale Meyerrose says.

Imperial presidency has long history

Executive powers have expanded over the past six decades, and are likely to continue on that path.

White House hastens to brief lawmakers on ports deal

Press secretary says media coverage inflamed opposition to the plan.

Senate leader could produce own border security bill

Aide says Majority Leader Bill Frist is poised to write separate legislation depending on what kind of bill emerges from Judiciary Committee.

Congress to look at agencies' efforts to fight avian flu

Panel examining whether DHS, HHS initiatives are integrated.

Popularity Factor

Energy prices deserve more attention than they typically receive for their influence on presidents’ approval ratings.