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Thinking Long-Term

Insurance that covers nursing homes and assisted living costs isn’t fun to think about, but it may be a smart move

Procurement ethics provisions in Defense bill prompt industry concern

Language in Senate bill is overly restrictive and duplicative, coalition argues.

TSA ready for private screening, but airports aren't biting

Fate of federal screeners in limbo as TSA, airports evaluate options to hire private contractors.

Logistics operations at the Pentagon still need work, GAO says

While progress has been made, logistics problems could hamper the Defense Department's efforts in future conflicts, auditors found.

Services acquisition panel discusses time and materials contracts

Witnesses debate whether such agreements are too labor-intensive.

Financial agencies to adopt post-employment restrictions

Fines of up to $250,000 could be imposed on senior examiners for breach of rules.

DHS officials meet with labor leaders on personnel rules

Union officials had requested meeting after judge overturned labor relations portion of proposed new DHS personnel system last week.

Senators urge conferees to adopt risk-based responder formula

Lawmakers from "higher-risk" urban areas want more first responder dollars.

Alaskans sue security agency to stop data dump

Passengers seek to keep TSA from destroying personal information it collected in order to test screening system.

Task force members rap NASA effort to return shuttle to flight

Cutting corners to deal with deadline pressure compromised astronaut safety, says a minority of members of assessment group.