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Contractor’s bribes to Louisiana lawmaker raise questions

Technology company executive pleads guilty to bribing a House member in exchange for help selling products.

More personnel sought for post-Katrina fraud investigations

Multidepartmental effort nets tips, initiates probes and leads to convictions, investigators testify.

HUD chief says story on contract cancellation was not true

Secretary says his anecdote about political views scuttling a contract award was fictional.

Senate panel approves Bush pick for Interior secretary

Louisiana senator votes "present" to protest administration’s refusal to share offshore oil and gas royalties with Gulf Coast states.

Pumped Up?

So far, gasoline prices are pretty low on the list of issues likely to sway voters in midterm elections.

Telework promoted as way to offset high gas costs

Study shows work-from-home options could cancel out extra commuting costs caused by gas price hikes.

Senator upbraids colleagues for dodging Iraq timeline

Democrats should offer a stronger voice of dissent on national security issues, Wisconsin legislator says Monday.