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GOP mulls perils of immigration fight

House Republicans keep focus on border security and remain reluctant to back President Bush’s call for a temporary worker program.

NSA surveillance program unlikely to jeopardize criminal cases

Former intelligence court judge says government has been careful to separate evidence obtained with a warrant from that gathered in eavesdropping program.

GAO: IRS procedural flaws leave taxpayer materials vulnerable

Unauthorized access to secure areas, slow processing of large payments, procedures for hiring juveniles were among the problems.

Defense agency resumes processing some clearances

Move will help 2,000 secret-level applications; Top Secret credentials and requests for re-investigations still stalled.

Panel approves Homeland Security spending bill

Bill funds DHS personnel system below president’s request.

House panels OK conflicting plans to fix FEMA

One measure would make the agency independent again; other would keep it within the Homeland Security Department.

Rumsfeld presses for resolution of impasse on supplemental funding

Neither the White House nor House leaders want the final price tag to exceed $94.5 billion.

Cautionary Tales

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle could use regular ethics reminders.