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Shippers fear port security measures would disrupt commerce

Requirement for full inspection of all cargo would be illogical and harmful to global trade, industry groups say.

DHS management chief’s exit unlikely to bring changes

Outsiders say Janet Hale’s departure creates a prime opportunity to overhaul the department’s management directorate.

Defense Department names new procurement chief

Shay Assad, a Marine Corps official with significant experience in the private sector, will step in next month.

Justice Department responds to lawmakers' wiretapping probe

Answers are too vague and are hindering Congress’ oversight ability, key Democrat says.

Senate panel to take another look at fighter jet proposal

Plan to raise healthcare premiums for some military retirees will be discussed this week on the House side.

Bush remarks focus on border security

Temporary worker program would curb the flow of illegal workers across the border, president says at a naturalization ceremony.

Farm groups prepare to jump into Senate immigration fray

Groups urge provisions for guestworkers and illegal aliens who have been living in the United States for years.