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Getting Credit

Make sure you get proper credit for all of your federal service when retirement time comes around.

Outlook uncertain for bill creating Katrina recovery organization

President cites fiscal, operational concerns in opposing measure.

Postal overhaul bill held up in Senate

Two senators place holds on bill, saying they want more time to study its provisions.

Study sees no need to replace Air Force tankers

Report contradicts longstanding Air Force claims that aircraft were aging and in disrepair.

Protest of tech contract upheld over trade law provisions

Case highlights difficulty technology contractors have complying with rules on where items can be manufactured.

Defense tech agency boosts telework to prevent exodus

The Defense Information Systems Agency is giving certain employees more chances to work from home, in anticipation of headquarters relocation.

Ethics office seeks to extend post-employment ‘cooling off’ period to all of SES

Move would would widen pool of top officials subject to limits on contacts with their former agencies.

Feds in marine program compensated better than nonfederal counterparts

Differences in salary, annual leave and other benefits cause divisions within Commerce program’s multisector workforce.

Mayors vent over changes in homeland security grants

Local officials encourage DHS to clearly outline the administration’s priorities for grant money so cities are in a stronger position to compete.